Childhood Life and Education Senior Pastor George N. Kamau grew up in a family of 9 members as the 2nd born. His parents were both committed Christians and were able to introduce him to Christianity early enough in his childhood. His Sunday School years, he came to know and fear the things of God. Although he was not convicted at the time, he held that knowledge dear and close to his heart. He went to Karuri Primary School and later on to a Secondary School Education in Senior Chief Koinange High School. After the secondary he moved on to join the Rewarding College where he graduated with a diploma in Sales and Marketing. He has also undergone the Sales and Marketing class with the Marketing Society of Kenya. Marriage life He is married to one Beatrice Wamuhu since 1988 and God has blessed them with two Mrs Pastorchildren. The older one is now turning 22 yrs and the younger is 18yrs old. First born – David Waithaka Ndung’u is studying 1st year at Makerere University – Kampala, Uganda and second born is sitting for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E ) at Wamagana Girls in Nyeri this year 2011 and they are born again. The Senior Pastor is a strong believer of a strong family unit where every one feels valued and loved. His wife is co-minister in the work of God as well as prominent business lady. Employment He started working at Front Office Department at Safari Park Hotel as a supervisor after his secondary school education in Senior Chief Koinange High School. After about 4 years he resigned and joined a company by the name Regional Reach Limited when it was being started in 1994. He started as Field Operation’s Manager where he was in charge of conducting feasibility study, recruitment and installation of rural TV sets for public viewing. The company was concentrating with tapping the rural market advertising in Ten Districts in Kenya namely Meru, Nyeri, Murang’a, Kakamega, Vihiga, Kisumu, Kisii, Keiyo, Nakuru and Kirinyaga respectfully. A couple of years down the line, Regional Reach grew from strength to strength and by year 2000, the company managed to open the first vernacular radio station in Kenya by the name Kameme FM. He was then promoted to the position of Direct Sales Manager in charge of front office & direct sales departments respectfully. He worked with a competent sales team of fifteen members who witnessed the company’s turnover grow tremendously and within a short while the Kameme FM Radio was a house hold name in the country. In 2007, the management of Kameme FM Radio decided to diversify their investments and went ahead to open the K24 TV station. He continued to serve as the head of Direct Sales for both station the K24TV and KAMEME FM Radio until year 2009 when he opted to resign and start his own marketing agency by the name Beautytech Limited in line with his pastoral calling. Christian and Pastoral Life Since the year 1988 when he gave his life to the Lord, he has witnessed growth both Spiritually and Physically with sincere dedication to the work of the Lord. He was a staunch member of the Ambassadors For Christ Fellowship Church Banana Hill, where he grew to become a deacon. He was then transferred to Ambassadors For Christ Fellowship - Kawainda Church as an Elder and later on rose through the ranks to become an associate pastor. In the year 2003, he was officially ordained as a Pastor of the Ambassadors for Christ Fellowship Church by Bishop Margaret Wangari Ngugi and Rev. Pat from USA, California.Later in the following year 2004, he was promoted to become a Senior Pastor and I continued serving with the same church A.C.F Kawaida until the year 2005. In the course of year 2006, he was transferred to Ambassadors for Christ Fellowship – Ndenderu, as senior pastor where he is still serving to date. This Church currently serves as the Regional Head Quarter of the Ambassador for Christ Fellowship in the central region of the country with over 40 churches. In his Pastoral work since the year 2004, he has learned a lot and he has gained wide ranging experiences in conducting crusades, leadership seminar’s, conferences and planting churches. Through the Outreach Ministry of the Church he has also visited different countries on missionary and Business work such as Dubai, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania just to mention but a few, where he has experienced diverse cultures, believes, faiths, denominations etc. These experiences have really exposed his spiritual life into new dimensions of revelations, understanding and knowledge of God and he has served to firmly ground in the one who is the truth and the way, the Lord Jesus Christ. In order to sharpen his ministry gifts and knowledge, he has undergone and attended various leadership training between 2001 and 2007. He has also received an Honorary Degree with Destiny Bible College international from the United States of America (USA) in 2009. Personal Believe and Philosophy The Senior Pastor’s guiding philosophy, believe and direction for the ministry is based on 2 Corinthians 3:5: "Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim everything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.". Recently in August 2011, Life Worship Celebration Cathedral in Partnership with Mission To Kenya from USA held a joint mega crusade that saw over 60 people gave their life’s to the lord Jesus Christ. The crusade was attended by over 10,000 people. We also conducted a Free medical Camp that attracted over 1200 patients who were given free treatment and drugs. We also visited an Orphanage home- Mother Mercy Children’s home and we donated foodstuff worth Kshs. 100,000/=. We are looking forward to a successful expansion project that is ongoing in Arusha, Tanzania. Ambassadors for Christ Fellowship Churches hold an annual National Women Conference, which commences on the second week of August. It draws speakers and other guests from all over the world. This is followed by an Annual Convention in the last week second week of December. Local Church The local church where the Senior Pastor serves as the resident Pastor is the Ambassadors For Christ Fellowship – Ndenderu branch. It has a membership of more than 500 members from all walks of live. The church has been growing from strength to strength to become a household name in the neighborhood mainly due to its steadfast believe in Holy Spirit leadership and guidance.Our dedication, involvement and keeping good relationship with local community and government administration has earned the church a reputable name all around. In the pursuit of its Vision, the church is currently constructing ultra modern sanctuary with a sitting capacity of about 2100 members. The vision runs with a new slogan of “ Live Worship Celebration Cathedral” and carries with it the new church structure of 39 departments, a Bible School, conference/Seminar facilities, hospital for the community, fully fledged Guest house facilities, primary school amongst others. We are currently running a bible program with Destiny Bible College International (USA), and so far over 37 students have already graduated with diploma and certificate courses We are also running an eye clinic in conjunction with the Lions Club of Kenya which runs for one day in a month. Very soon, the church management is venturing in to the new technology to ensure a start of Bible classes through E-learning. Church Governance The main Headquarter of the Ambassadors For Christ Fellowship churches is in Kisii Town where the Bishop – Wilfred Masenge who is also the National Overseer resides. He is also the head of the Ambassadors Of Christ Fellowship churches. Central region is currently made up of 48 churches scattered all over the central province of the country. It is currently headed by a Senior Pastor George Warukira who is also the Chairman of the Regional Governing Council. Senior Pastor George Kamau is the Vice chairman of the Regional Governing Council whose Headquarter is at the A.C.F Ndenderu where he also the resident pastor. The entire Ambassadors for Christ Fellowship church is governed by the following organs in its structure of organization; - National Governing Council - Regional Governing councils - Local Church Council - Local Church Departments/Ministries - Church Groups - Congregation