DESTINY BIBLE SCHOOL It is nearly 2 years since destiny bible college opened its doors to accommodate the ambassadors for Christ fellowship church students in their programme. as the residence Pastor I am happy for the commitment and dedication I have seen with destiny bible lecturers which has been quite awesome. The vision of ambassadors for Christ fellowship to partner with destiny bible college started when senior pastor George N. Kamau first met with pastor Mukinyo for a cup of tea in Nairobi and started sharing the vision of winning Kenya for Jesus by training and equipping the church during this millennium era. they further went ahead to discuss destiny bible college international and how it can change the lives of many leaders. Two years down the line, we as ambassadors for Christ church Ndenderu are looking forward to celebrate the 3rd graduation ceremony end of October, 2011, in conjunction with destiny Bible College international. Once Mr. Peter Howard who was the world programme director of initiatives of change said and I quote ‘Africa is going to be the mother of tomorrow’s world. The world is waiting with an eager heart and hungry mind to listen to the voice of new Africa. it must be a voice so revolutionary that china, Russia, America and Europe black men, brown men say with one voice ‘that this is the way God’s earth is meant to be’. The vision of destiny bible college international of advancing biblical values and transformational is to being realized by educating and training Christ-like visionary leaders in Africa and the world: for if the son shall set us free, we shall be free indeed. if Jesus Christ the son of the living God, Jehovah; Jesus Christ the way the truth and the life; the only true way of life, set us free, we shall be free indeed. We shall receive spiritual wisdom that only Christ can give. Know this if nothing else; political freedom or any other so-called freedom; without spiritual freedom is a license for institutionalized crime and sin. For example, apartheid, communism, religious fanaticism and capitalism that breeds selfishness and greed resulting to dangerous institutionalized corruption. As we work on the realization of the vision and mission, there are challenges destiny Bible College – Ndenderu campus is going through. The school is struggling with shortage of human resources, recruitment of more students and funds for development and equipment. On the other hand, students are struggling with school fees while others are not sure how they will apply their newly acquired knowledge as they serve under leaders who may not appreciate the new ways of doing things even when they are better than the old ways. The continent we are determined to transform is also facing the challenges of economy, diseases, poverty, famine and ethnicity among others All these challenges are impossible to overcome, one would say yes. yes they are indeed impossible with men, but with God all things are possible. How sad that we have such short memories. When advertisers befall us, we immediately, forget the great happy times and development we have enjoyed for along time, we then loose the energy and strength to fight the adversities in order to return to the good or even better times. Have we forgotten there was the stone age and the time we wore only leaves or skins at best?. Have we forgotten the times in history that there were no roads?. The time it took us six weeks to travel from Mombasa to London by sea ?. We can now take late supper in Nairobi and early breakfast in London. Have we forgotten there was slave trade and slavery? Colonialism, apartheid and the times when almost every disease killed our people?. Have we forgotten that in 2008 destiny Bible College international was not what it is today? Our God in his loving kindness has taken us through all that. He has always been with us according to his promises. Yesterday, today and forever, Jesus is the same. What he has done in the past he can do it again and again to infinity. With God all things are possible, but he uses people, he uses us and his creation to accomplish great things. in exodus 3, he told Moses at the burning bush that was not consumed, that he had heard the cries of his people the Israelites because of the suffering they were going through in Egypt, by the same breath, he told Moses to therefore go and tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go. God however promised Moses that he would be with him. Jesus Christ just before accession told the apostles that all authority had been given to him in heaven and on earth. He then told them to therefore to go and make disciples of all nations and that he would be with them always until the end of the age. We always need God with us because without him, we can do nothing. But we can do all things through him who strengthens us. The battle is the lords, it is not ours. but we are the soldiers to fight courageously in the army of the lord because He is always with us and we know that with Him nothing is impossible. We shall be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We must be careful to follow God’s timing. He is never too early or too late, his timing is perfect. we must be sensitive to the spirit of God and to his leading. Since we live by the spirit as spirit-filled believers, let us always keep in step with the holy spirit of God. Remember to God one day is like a thousand years and vise versa. Photos from the graduation ceremony can be viewed